River of Flames
Demons of Velarta: Book One

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime—a coveted spot on the prestigious archaeological dig in Velarta. It has everything River could want: a view of the Baltic Sea, a gorgeous yet mysterious Italian archaeologist, and a chance to one-up her lifelong best friend and rival, Theo. So what if the locals say the dig site is cursed?


River doesn’t believe in any of that nonsense…until a mysterious artifact is unearthed and everything begins to change. Suddenly things are happening that River can’t quite explain. When she wakes up in a field with blood on her hands, she knows she can’t ignore it any longer.


With help from Theo and the mysterious Luca, River embarks on a quest to find out what’s happening before she loses herself completely. But in Velarta, asking questions might give you answers you don’t want…


River of Flames is the first book in the Demons of Velarta series. It is a reverse harem paranormal romance, with lots of mystery and secrets, and plenty of heat.