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River of Darkness
Demons of Velarta: Book Two

In the wake of a cataclysmic battle, River has to save her friends…and herself.


Flung across realms by a desperate demon, River is plunged into the depths of Hell. Alone and terrified, she must draw on her deepest strengths to cross an alien landscape that shifts and changes at every turn. When she finds the men she loves, her luck finally seems to have changed – until a terrible accident catapults her back to Earth, leaving Luca and Theo behind. 


With Julian at her side, River must find a way to cross between the worlds. But something sinister lies in wait, and with every second that passes, the chance of rescue drifts further out of reach…


River of Darkness is the second book in the Demons of Velarta series. It is a reverse harem paranormal romance, with lots of mystery and secrets, and plenty of heat.

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